DJ Nio & Nomadic Wax release "Agua!"

DJ Nio, producer/MC/DJ for Italian hip hop crew Zero Plastica and Music Director for Nomadic Wax, released a new mixtape this week, “Agua!” Influenced and inspired by a recent trip to Cuba, DJ Nio compiled all of the new (and underground) music he discovered while in Cuba to form a unique mixtape. This mixtape is the sixth in his travel series “i Viaggi di NioSiddharta” (NioSiddharta’s travels). Dj Nio hopes to make mixtapes for all of the countries he visits and loves.

djnioagua 300x300 DJ Nio & Nomadic Wax release Agua!

To learn more about DJ Nio & “Agua”, be sure to check out this interview conducted by Greg Schick, World Hip Hop Market.

For a free download of the album click here!