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November 8, 20132 years ago

33RPM - Voices of the Revolution

We live in a world of 24 hour rolling news and access to more information than we could ever have imagined possible. We are no longer reliant on the traditional media gatekeepers to keep us informed on world events, and no longer reliant on hearing just one side of a particular story. Across the world, individuals and communities are documenting and sharing what is happening in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, India, Brasil, as well as America and the UK and all points in between.

Although disparate, these connected communities are lending their voices to the telling of their stories in places of conflict, war, oppression, resistance and revolution.

At the forefront of this are the musicians who use music as their weapon of choice to express the hopes, fears and desires of their communities. From the current Arab Uprisings, to the civil war in Syria, to democracy in Africa and land reforms in India, musicians are making music that reflects the reality of what is happening in their country, cities, towns and villages.

33RPM: Voices of the Revolution brings together for the first time 33 artists that span the globe. The music ranges from African Hip Hop to Afghanistan indie rock to New Zealand reggae to Chilean folk sung by artists as diverse as the Northern Irish rapper Jun Tzu, former African child soldier Emmanuel Jal and the Venezuelan revolutionaries Bituaya.

33RPM is a collaborative project between four independent grassroots music organizations; Un-Convention (UK), Nomadic Wax (USA), Fora Do Exio (Brasil) and Tiuna El Fuerte (Venezuela). The four organisations understand music as a cultural, rather than purely economic, activity and seek to create cultural exchanges and dialogues through music for musicians and audiences. Also part of the project is the In Place of War research centre at Manchester University whose work researches and contextualizes creativity in sites of armed conflict.

33RPM: Voices of the Revolution brings together a collection of some of the most important and politicized music being made in the world today. Audiences will hear first hand not only the incredible music, but also the reasons why these musicians are having to make this music and why this vital album has never been more needed than right now.

To all the musicians on this album, to all the peoples of the world who find themselves, often against their wishes, surrounded by conflict and war, and to all the revolutionary fighters: Respect and Solidarity!

The songs on this album have been kindly donated in order to spread the important messages embedded in the music.

November 8, 20132 years ago

Super MC v2

“The SUPER MC is the one that can spit in more than two languages… American rappers can’t compete with that!” – Chuck D (Public Enemy)

The SUPER MC series was inspired by an interview that Nomadic Wax’s creative team had with Chuck D on his radio show in NYC. After discussing international hip hop, and the bilingual skills of many artists around the world, Chuck D coined the term ‘Super MC,’ when he said: “A super emcee is the one who can spit in more than two languages. That is the mark of a super rapper… If you can rhyme in more than two languages and braid them together… an American rapper cannot compete with that.”

In February 2012, we released the first edition of the Super MC series, bringing bilingual rappers together from all over the world (download here: nomadicwax.bandcamp.com/track/super-mc-2). In the summer of 2013, we began work on the 2nd Super MC single. Produced by Nigerian producer Teck Zilla, Super MC V2 features Wakazi (Tanzania), De La Ceiba (Honduras/USA), Five Steez (Jamaica), Mr. Riz (South Africa), Emile YX? (South Africa), Incyt (Malawi), Third Eye (Malawi), Babaluku (Uganda), Holstar (Zambia), Shokanti (Cape Verde), Rafiya (DRC/USA). Each emcee was once again tasked with the challenge of writing a 16 bar verse to creatively flex their bilingual skills. Italy’s DJ Nio hooked up the cover design and DJ Boo returned to the series with the scratches.

August 23, 20132 years ago

"Hoodie On" - A tribute to Trayvon Martin


Produced by Lord Itill Productions

Taken from the forthcoming Chosan album

“Till I Touch The Sun”.

“Hoodie On” 

Stand your ground for Justice, we fight for everything else.

Share, Spread and support the Martin family.

Trayvon Martin could have been your son, nephew, brother or even YOU!.

Trayvon Martin situation is way bigger than music, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Lets start conversations with our young men, we need them, they are they future are not animals.

We need more positive male role models and mentors in our communities

teaching them how to love themselves and be responsible human beings.

Together the ants can overthrow the elephants.




 For more about “Hoodie On” & Chosan visit:

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