Workshop Includes

• Lyric writing activities
• History of hip-hop
• Improvisation exercises
• Public Speaking training
• Performance opportunity


Mikal Lee AKA Hired Gun


4 years - arts educator
15 years – performer
Toured and performed on 4 continents
2 years- Program Director at Urban Word NYC:
Language options: English

Inside the Cipher - The Art of Freestyle

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Mikal’s workshop allows participants to gain a thorough understanding of hip-hop’s history and the spirituality of freestyle. The workshop is open to participants who may have zero experience with hip-hop or who may be artists already themselves. Participants learn the basic skills with which to practice and demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge. In a fun and spontaneous setting, where participants are made to feel at home, people of all ages and backgrounds can cultivate a skill, learn about poetry and African oral history, and utilize these tools to gain a sense of empowerment.