World Hip Hop Women: From the Sound Up

World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up is the latest mixtape project from Nomadic Wax and World Hip Hop Market. Unlike most main stream male dominated hip hop releases, this mixtape focuses solely on female emcees from around the world and their powerful messages through their music.

It features artists from 15 countries ranging from Iranian MCS to Zimbabwean artists and is combined with insane beats such as Spanish dancehall and new dub step from South Africa. This formidable collaboration makes this mixtape both unique and compelling. To complete the album, it is expertly mixed together by Detroit’s Dj LaJedi.

The World Hip Hop Women are fierce emcees creating music that transcends language barriers, cultural differences, and gender bias while at the same time many of these women are stepping into a realm of music that has not been entered into before by female musicians. This is truly captured by Dj LaJedi who stated:

“I salute every artist who contributed to the mixtape for their courage and commitment to the spirit of creativity.  Many of these women are carving paths where there are none.  They embody ‘firsts’ of all kinds: MC Black Bird – first female to
release a hip hop record in Zimbabwe; Soultana – member of Tigress Flow,
first all-female hip hop crew in Morocco; Masia One – first female to be
nominated for Canada’s Much Music Award; Shadia Mansour – The First Lady
of Arab Hip Hop; MC Melodee – Holland’s leading Lady in Hip Hop; DJ Naida
- Zimbabwe’s #1 female DJ, EmpresS *1 is Egypt’s First Female Egyptian
Rapper and on and on. They are assuming leadership roles in their native communities and beyond through endeavors that prove their conscious attitudes regarding love, truth, peace, freedom of expression and social justice.
DJ LaJedi

The mixtape is hosted by Toronto’s Eternia, a frequent collaborator with both Nomadic Wax and World Hip Hop Market, while the cover art is provided by Detroit’s premeire graffiti writer, muralist and graphic designer Sintex. Ultimately, the intention of the collaborative effort of World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up is to inspire cross-cultural collaborations with opportunities for awareness, growth, and understanding.

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For interviews, media inquiries, or for more information please contact DJ LaJedi at unlimitzzzzz@gmail.com and Greg Schick (Founder of World Hip Hop Market)at greg@worldhiphopmarket.com